5 on trend kitchen appliances for your kitchen upgrade

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If you are looking to update your kitchen or are about to embark on a complete kitchen renovation you need to read this blog post about 5 on trend kitchen appliances.

Thanks to the proliferation of renovation and cooking shows, the kitchen is no longer purely about function. A kitchen has become a creative space that needs to look good as well as a be a place where household entertaining and food preparation can be taken to a delicious new level.

To help you take your kitchen to the next level we asked the owner and Managing Director of L&M Gold Star Trina Hockley what was on trend this season.

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1. Combi-Steam Oven

Convection (dry) heat and steam (moist) heat can be utilised in isolation, or in combination with each other. Suitable for a wide range of applications including baking, roasting, steaming, blanching, grilling, braising and poaching, these ovens are perfect for the home cook as well as the trained chef.

Combi-steam cooking retains the nutrients in food, doesn’t require oils or fats to be used, allows temperature and humidity to be controlled, and reduces cooking times.

Leading brands include, V-Zug Asko and AEG. (Click on the images below).


2. Induction cooktop

These cooktops are fuelled by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction (gas cooktops) or by an electrical heating element (ceramic cooktops).

Coil wires are positioned just below the surface and an alternating electric current that runs through them directly heats the pot or pan. Heat is produced rapidly and spread evenly, heat can be precisely controlled, energy efficiency and thermal efficiency are both increased, and there are great safety features.

Leading brands include V-Zug, AEG.


3. Induction Wok

Leading on from the induction cooktop is the stunning induction wok.

The operation and advantages of the induction wok are the same as the induction cooktop, but the unique feature is that the heat is spread rapidly and evenly up the sides of the wok. If you love to cook Asian dishes, soups, pastas and curries, the wok is for you. This product is designed to impress, plus, it’s super easy to clean.

Leading brands include V-Zug and AEG.


4. Pizza Oven

The built in pizza oven is an exciting product that is perfect for the entertainer as well as the everyday cook. Heating up to 315 degrees celsius, these ovens cook pizzas in less than 2 minutes! They are compact, easy to clean and come in a variety of colours. Get creative; it’s not just pizzas you can cook in these ovens.

Leading brand includes Steel Stile in Cucina.



5. Off-Board Rangehood

Off-board rangehoods have an external motor which significantly reduces the noise in your kitchen. You can choose where the motor is positioned on the outside of your home and the beauty of a quieter kitchen is that your guests and your television don’t need to compete with the rangehood.


To find out more about these and other appliances for your home visit the L&M Gold Star website at www.lmgoldstar.com.au

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