A wise friend for business.

To win in business, you need to position yourself to seize opportunities.

For this reason, it’s critical that your finance is structured for the flexibility to do what you need to today, without compromising tomorrow.

Our Urban Money team will ask what goals you’ve set for your business and personal life, we may even chat with your accountant to ensure we don’t just get a great interest rate from our broad range of commercial options, but that we get the type of finance that will position you best.

We can finance your business equipment and vehicles, your own home and the cars and homes of employees too!

Get to where you want to be

Residential finance and business finance couldn’t be more different. For a home loan, you simply need funds to purchase a home. It’s essentially one type of loan. In business, there are many different types of loans depending on:

  • the reason for the finance,

  • the broader objectives of the business owner,

  • taxation considerations, and

  • the sector the business is in.

It’s all about maximising your cash flow, minimising cost, and providing opportunities for growth. There are a variety of options, and in all cases we’re always 100% on your side to match the right structure for your unique situation:

  • Commercial real estate loans – property and development.

  • Equipment and vehicle finance.

  • Inventory finance.

  • Debtor or invoice finance.

  • Accounts receivable finance.

  • Working capital finance.

  • Franchisee loans.

  • Self managed super fund.

  • Unsecured short term business loans.

  • Insurance premium funding.

  • Term loans.

Let's chat

Get in contact with us at Urban Money before the need for funds arise – then we can ensure you’re leveraged as efficiently as possible for when the time comes.