Christmas time money saving tips for an awesome festive season

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Twas the first of December and the Christmas spirit is slowly descending on towns and cities around Australia. Decorations begin to adorn places of work, houses in the neighbourhood twinkle with fairy lights, and Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you is on repeat at the local Mall. Then suddenly you stop and realise you haven’t done your Christmas shopping, and worse still the bank account isn’t as fat as Santa’s sack.

Worry not, we have put together some helpful and cost effective Christmas time money saving tips and without looking like scrooge.

16 Christmas time money saving tips

  1. Budget. Start by making a list and allocating a budget that way you have a clear plan of who you are buying for and how much you have to spend. Importantly, like any budget stick to it!
  2. home made gift Make a homemade gift from the heart. Try potting a cutting from a plant in your garden (succulents are good) like a frangipani and pot it up with a bow and card. Or if you have a veggie patch why not make some homemade pesto with fresh basil and garlic from your garden, pop it in a cute jar and hey presto, pesto – a cute gift from the heart.
  3. Take a trip to Aldi. Aldi can be so random when it comes to one off items that can make great gift ideas at very reasonable prices. Plus they have a good range of Christmas decorations, food items, lollies and other treats at good prices.
  4. Make a gingerbread house! Better still, like tip three head to Aldi and grab a couple of the gingerbread assembly kits and decorate them with your favourite lollies! They are fun to make, especially if you have a family, pretty cheap but best of all the people who receive the gingerbread house will love it! Unless they are gluten free of course then we suggest tip two.
  5. Make a list of supplies. Like the shopping for presents make a list of the supplies you need for Christmas. That way if you see anything on special in the Christmas lead up you can purchase it and pop it in the freezer.
  6. Check your shopper dockets and vouchers. If you have a wad of shopper dockets laying round be sure to check them for any suitable discounts that can be used for presents or Christmas supplies.
  7. Regift. We have all received a gift that is really awesome, it would just make someone else much happier, that’s where regifting comes in. Instead of throwing out that 50th platter you received from Aunty Dawn for your birthday. Regift and give it to someone who would get better use from it, like a friend who has just moved out or a friend who likes to entertain at home.
  8. Gumtree. Adding to tip 7 you may like to earn a bit more cash by selling a few items you don’t really need on Gumtree or another online selling platform. There is nothing more true than the saying one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!
  9. Use points. If you fly a lot or have another form of rewards card, like Velocity or Fly-Bys you may like to turn your points into presents by redeeming them to buy or to get discounts on products.
  10. Shop online. If you shop online, make sure they can deliver before Christmas and make sure you include the shipping costs! You may also like to check out the range of auction sites that are available and bid on items.
  11. Vibe street market at The Kitchens Robina Town Centre Head to unique markets. Head out to a local Christmas market and snavel a bargain. Better still, head to a market that have unique items that can’t be found elsewhere, like the Friday Christmas Market at The Kitchens at Robina Town Centre.
  12. Be social. Brands are famous for having competition in the lead up to Christmas, especially on social media. Follow your favourite brands and see if they have any competitions you can enter.
  13. Create personal voucher. What better way to give yourself at Christmas than to give yourself as the gift. Make up a quirky gift voucher that can be redeemed for a babysitting session, a lawn mow, or if you are so inclined (and qualified), perhaps even a massage!
  14. No eating out. From now until Christmas limit your eating out and take-a-ways and put that money to your Christmas budget. Better still take a packed lunch to work instead of buying it and save more!
  15. Make home made Christmas cards. Use to choose a sweet design and make your own Christmas cards. There are some many designs to choose from and you can personalise them with your own pictures and other messages.
  16. Start planning for next christmas now! Starting with the post Christmas sales and buying up the unsold Christmas stock, like bon bons, napkins, like ornaments etc And checking your home loan! Simply by checking your home loan rate and moving to a better rate can save large amounts of money that can make your next Christmas budget even bigger.

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