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It was Kerry’s plan to work back in Canberra for five years then head back to the Gold Coast to enjoy the beachside lifestyle and maintain her career.

Seven years later after promotions at work and other changes in her life Kerry is still capitalising on her time in Canberra and using it to better position herself financially for the future.

Trusted home loan lender

Through this time of change she has trusted in Geoff at Urban Money to make sure her home loan is performing at its best has her financial situation changes.

Geoff first met Kerry when she was living in Burleigh. Kerry still owns her beach suburb townhouse, and why not, Burleigh is now one of the most sort after postcodes on the Gold Coast with a very tidy 9.47% increase in the median property price over the 2016 calendar year according to

Kerry recalls, “I have known Geoff for over a ten years, and he has always been there to assist me when it comes to answering questions about my mortgage and how to best structure my home loan,”

“At the time when I was deciding whether to accept a work offer in Canberra I had to weigh up whether to keep the property I was living in. After going through the figures with Geoff and showing me how I could structure the loan, I decided to rent my property out while I worked in Canberra, and I have never looked back,” Kerry said.

“My property portfolio and maximising the income I earn now will be important in the next phase of my life, I want my partner and I to be financially secure, as we think about the transition back to the Gold Coast in the next couple of years,” Kerry added.

“Over the years, just by having regular simple chats, we have made tweaks to the structure of Kerry’s loan so she can better manage her property portfolio and save money. And I would like to think we can do that for many years to come,” Geoff said.

#NationalMortgageDay takes place on 24 February and Geoff encourages all people, whether they are a customer or not, to at least check their mortgage to see if it is performing at its best. Alarmingly, according to recent research only 16% of people with a mortgage know what rate of interest they are paying on their home loan.

“Thankfully with Kerry, we keep in regular contact so we can check, and if necessary, review her home loan to make sure it is the right loan for their current financial situation,” said Geoff.

Love of Dachshunds

When Kerry is not at work, or visiting family on the Gold Coast she loves Dachshunds. Kerry and her partner Shannon were recently part of a Guinness World Record gathering of the most Dachshunds in one place at Bungendore in New South Wales.

“It is true, my partner and I love our sausage dogs. Shelby and Sherman bring so much love and happiness to us both. My partner Shannon is a professional photographer and he has taken some wonderful pictures of them both. We have an Instagram account set up for them at so people can see the mischief they get up to.” Kerry said.

If you are like Kerry and have had a promotion or change that affects your financial situation contact us to see how we can align your home loan with your lifestyle goals.

There is no better day to talked to a trusted home loan lender than #NationalMortgageDay on 24 February.




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