Get to where you want to be – A Captivating Customer Success Story

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Amanda Burrell is a successful entrepreneur and academic who has worked with Geoff from Urban Money for over a decade.

Amanda first met Geoff after speaking with a friend about finding a good mortgage broker because she wasn’t happy with her home loan and wanted a better deal. That was back in the early 2000’s.

Amanda recalls, “The early 2000’s were a time of change for me, and I was looking to secure my financial future by getting a better deal on my home loan. But over the next several years my circumstances continued to change and Geoff worked with me to help me get to where I wanted to be.”

“Geoff is a complete professional. His thorough knowledge of lending policy and how best to structure my mortgages helped me secure properties in my portfolio. It also saved me thousands in interest over the life of the loans,” Amanda added.

Amanda’s success continues to evolve. When Geoff first met with Amanda, she was an awarding winning lecturer at the University of Canberra with an industry reputation for achieving outstanding student outcomes.

Commercial, educational and personal success

Amanda Burrell at CaptivusSince then Amanda has successfully commercialised her intellectual property and started her own business called Captivus.

Captivus is a performance coaching service for executives, teachers, and keynote speakers. Through Captivus, Amanda has worked with some of Australia’s leading University academics and business leaders, helping them improve their presentations and performance to captivate their audience for increased business, educational and personal success.

Amanda helps executives banish stage fright and speak with confidence. Amanda has helped executives, senior staff and teachers to gain rapport in small and large groups, work with culturally diverse audiences, banish stage fright and speak with confidence.

“The work I do with universities and business is transformational. My programs lead to a number of positive outcomes including, better student learning outcomes, increased profitability and increases in product purchase, depending on the type of customer I work with. In the case of the The Australian National University (ANU), I have been asked back over 80 times, which for me is the highest form of endorsement and indicator of success,” Amanda said.

Amanda has helped executives, senior staff and teachers to gain rapport in small and large groups, work with culturally diverse audiences, banish stage fright and speak with confidence.Click To Tweet

Part of Amanda’s success is her dedication to continuous study. As well as managing Captivus, Amanda is also about to finish her doctorate.

Amanda has always been a high achiever and expects the same from the people she works with and that is one of the reasons why Amanda continues to work with Geoff when it comes to home and property finance.

“Life throws up many changes, and Geoff has helped me adapt my home and property finance with these changes. He has always helped me achieve the best deal to suit my circumstances,” Amanda said.

It is about providing lasting customer service

Geoff says for us it is all about you, the customer, and providing a lasting customer service that helps you get to where you want to be.

“After being in the industry for over three decades it is really satisfying to have long term customers like Amanda. We have been lucky enough to see Amanda’s success continually grow. Amanda’s success includes being a single parent and raising her two daughters. At Urban Money, in a number of ways, our customers become an extension of our family, and we get very excited about their achievements and successes, and that is certainly the case with Amanda. Her passion and zest for life is inspirational,” Geoff said.

Learn more about Amanda’s business, Captivus here.

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