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Urban Money provides a full range of home loan services.

Through our strong association with Resimac Limited and Independent Mortgage Managers, we can provide varied residential lending solutions and home loans for all purposes. This means we can provide better service and overall finance solutions for home owners and investors.

At Urban Money we specialise in investment property finance and can assist with all aspects of investing in residential property from start to finish, including with your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

As a Mortgage Manager we can fully assess your home loan application without the need to send it to a third party (ie bank) and provide fast turn around of your application. We deal directly with our funders which ensure that we deliver your needs efficiently and within the time frames required to finalise your refinance and or property purchase.

At Urban Money we also provide a range of specialist loans that meet the needs of our clients who do not qualify for a traditional bank home loan. Such loans include self employed borrowers who aren’t able to verify their income, or they may be a relatively new business, as well as clients who have had a blemished credit history.

And because we are not a Bank or a Mortgage Broker,  you will deal with the same team every time you contact us. That means we can serve you better and give you peace of mind.

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