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Life in weeks planner We have all heard the old saying life is too short.

Well in Australia, according to the World Health Organisation, we have the fourth highest life expectancy in the world for both sexes at 82.8 years of age, however, it is the Japanese who live the longest – to a ripe old age of 83.7 years.

That may seem like a long time, especially to someone who is in the 30’s or 20’s, but when you see your life laid out in weeks, it can be a big wake up call.

When looking at the ‘Life in weeks planner’ picture on the right, you maybe thinking, wow, I have already used up a big chunk of my life and it isn’t long until I retire! So when do I fit in, travel, having a family, buying a house, getting married etc.

Well like anything worthwhile, a fulfilling life takes planning.

Although our path along life’s journey may have a few bumps, strange turns and the occasional road block, having clear goals and working towards those goals can mean life can be filled with a bit of enjoyable plain sailing.

Download your life in weeks planner

Download your ‘Life in weeks planner’ by clicking on the image.

Download it, then if you want to, share a few of your life goals with your friends on Facebook using the #GetToWhereYouWantToBe

Because you know what they say… when you write down your goals and share them with friends, you are more likely to achieve them.



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