Motor bike finance icon for Urban MoneyDo you need a motorbike loan to secure your purchase?

Whether new or used we can help you secure your motorbike. We have low interest rates, fast approvals and a simplified application process, so we can get you on your bike, fast.

Whether Harley, Triumph, dirt bike, road motorbike or anything in between you and you can choose between a secured or unsecured motorbike loan.

A secured loan will have a lower interest rate generally than any other type of loan available. In this loan the motorbike you purchase is used as the “security” meaning that if you did not make the repayments you agreed to, the financier has the right to to repossess the motorbike from you.

An unsecured loan means this is a personal loan product and unlike a secured motorbike loan, there is no security offered for this loan type. Therefore it’s argued that there is more risk in providing you with this loan and more often this will be at a much higher interest rate.

Our motorbike loans are available for motorcycles up to five years old, with our low rate Motorbike Loan you can set your sights on that bike you’ve always wanted.

Our Motorbike Loan features:

  • One of the cheapest rates on the market
  • No early payout fees
  • No fees for extra repayments
  • Free redraw facility – available online or in branch.

To speak to us today about a loan for a motorbike call 07 3170 6259 or tell us about the type of motorbike loan you are looking for in the contact form below.

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