5 ways to get more bang for your buck with the sale of your property

Whether you’re downsizing, sizing up, or escaping the city for the country, you’ve come to the decision to sell your property. We’re here to give you our tried and tested tips to add value to your home.

1. A lick of paint!
If you want to add value on a budget, giving your property a fresh coat of paint is something you can do yourself, without having to hire a professional. When painting for sale, think of neutral tones that will appeal to a wide range of vendors. Warm whites are a hit at the moment!

2. Fresh carpets
If you have old and stained carpets, it can be a massive eyesore for a potential purchaser. Have your carpets professionally cleaned, or better yet, replace any spoiled carpet altogether. The investment will pay off at settlement! Once again, think of neutral-toned carpets (not too light in colour).


3. First impressions count!
Make sure your curb appeal is at its best – trim the hedges, prune the roses, clean the windows & most importantly – mow the lawns! If you take pride in the appearance of your property, it will provide an inviting entrance, even before reaching the front door!

4. Lose the mess!
If you are still living in the property while selling, make sure to declutter and get rid of anything that will distract potential purchasers. Children’s toys, shoes piled at the front door & clothes all over the laundry floor make for an unwelcoming viewing.

5. Have your property professionally styled!
Property styling creates a ‘love at first sight’ feeling for purchasers and helps them to envision how they would live in the property themselves. Companies such as Styled to Sell based in Launceston Tasmania offer a wide range of property styling services and can cater to an entire house, one or two rooms or simply a few pieces of art to seal the deal!


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With over 10 years of success buying and selling property in Tasmania (most with Urban Money by their side), Sarah and Jacob not only have the proven knowledge and know-how but the vision to maximize the sale potential of your home.


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