Do you have a lending strategy…

Or do you just get your finance where ever it seems easy?

Let’s start with this thought, most Australians have a badly structured loan that’s costing them too much. Some are obvious like high-interest car loans and credit cards.

But while home loans often have lower interest rates, not having them structured correctly could still be costing you thousands too!

Beyond that you don’t just want to have a series of good loans, it’s about making sure they’re all working together, to allow you the freedom to do what you want to do today, tomorrow, and invest well into the future.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. High Interest and Fees on Convenience Loans

    Lenders often rely on their customers being lazy. Never asking for a rate review, or having lots of extra fees that can mount up (do you even know what the comparison rate of your loans are?), can cost you thousands over time. Car loans are a classic trap with interest rates and fees above 10% that too many people go into because it’s just “easy” to do the finance there and then.

  2. The Opportunity Cost of ‘Lazy Money’

    Not all debt is equal! We’ll have a chat about good debt and bad debt. We want your finances structured so that they’re serving you and helping to grow your wealth. If you’ve nearly paid your house off, you might be a great candidate for being able to use that equity to buy an investment property.


  3. Efficient Accounting and Taxation

    We’ll speak with your accountant to make sure you’re positioned so that the loans you have are effective from a taxation perspective. Just one example is making sure that you’re not paying a premium for things such as salary packaging a car – people often think it’s saving them money, but that’s often not the case when you look at the bigger picture.

  4. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

    There really are a lot of factors to consider when we position your lending so that loans can leverage off each other. We can even plan your next set of finance before you’ve even found your next investment. That way you know what to keep an eye out for and have an idea of what you can afford.

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