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The Urban Money team have been answering your most requested finance and mortgage questions with Dan, Marie and Matty G on ChilliFM and Rob on LAFM!

All the episodes are right here, just in case you’d like to have a listen before you make any big purchases.

Urban Money chat with Marie on Chilli

May 2022 – 5:20

Toby and Stew chat about interest rates and refinancing. We’re still surprised about how many people are paying too much on their current home loans and it could really be costing them!

We also answer Marie’s question about whether there’s any reason to be embarrassed by the state of your finances or credit history (hint: there isn’t!).

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Urban Money discuss Crypto, First Home Buyers and Refinancing

October 2021 – 5:56

We sit down with Dan and Marie to discuss Cryptocurrency, Working with the Government to help first home buyers, and Refinancing.

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Urban Money chat with Dan & Marie

August 2021 – 6:05

Toby, Stew & special guest Hugh (our very junior broker) chat with Dan and Marie about a new role that has opened up at Urban Money.

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Urban Money in the Studio

July 2021 – 6:34

We chat with Rob on LAFM about loan strategy, lazy money and more!

  • how to ensure your loan is structured correctly
  • are you aware of all the fees and charges associated with your loan?
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Instant Asset Write-Offs with Urban Money

June 2021 – 5:49

Clare and Stew chat with Rob about the end of financial year opportunity for small business owners:

  • Instant Asset Write-Off

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Urban Money in the Studio

May 2021 – 6:34

We’re back in the studio with Dan and Marie talking about:

  • first home buyers and a few steps to help get an edge!
  • Family Home Guarantee
  • Refinancing your loan
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